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About me:

My name is Mila and I consider a privilege to meet people coming from different countries and cultures, spending some time with them, showing the beauties of my town.

 I  have an University degree in Foreigner Literatures (English, American and French) and I am a Journalist and writer (Art, History, Museums, Restorations).

 I travelled a lot, working as International Tour Manager, having the chance to learn so much from the unique experience given by going around the world, for so long a time.

 If you want, I will be really very happy to help you to discover the most remarkable corners of Florence, in depth or in a lighter way, as you prefer.

 Please, don't hesitate to contact me for any doubt or information. It will be a pleasure to reply and to create a customized tour, according to your needs and wishes.

 All the QUEERFLORENCE TOURS  are private, LGBTQ-  friendly and some are focusing on specific Gay themes.

All the guests must respect the present antiCovid19 Protocol.

 I have the license to guide in English, Spanish and Italian.

I look forward to meeting you!

phone  +39 3289537494 (whatsapp)

Discover Florence with a licensed Tour  Guide


The Best of Florence

Not too much time in Florence?

Don't worry! With my Best of Florence, you have the chance to see the not-to-miss sites, in 4 hours: Accademia Gallery (Michelangelo section), orienting walking tour and Uffizi Gallery (Giotto,Masaccio,Filippino Lippi, Botticelli, Leonardo, Michelangelo)


GAY Florence Walking Tour

This  walking tour in the historical center of Florence is perfect to give you an overview of the most remarkable monuments, such as the Duomo complex or the Signoria square, focusing on the evolution of Homosexuality during the centuries.  After this first experience ,you can decide what to do: shopping, or maybe visit  a museum or perhaps an excursion to the Tuscan countryside for a Chianti wine tasting?

hours. 2.00

2 copia David in Signoria.jpg

The Uffizi Gallery.

The Uffizi Gallery is one of the most important painting museums in Europe, housing tens of masterpieces by artists,suchs as Giotto, Botticelli or Leonardo da Vinci. The visit can  last 2 or 3 hours, depending on your wishes and on  time at disposal.

palazzo vecchio.jpg

The Medici Tour

 Florence is the seat of the first LGBTQ protest in the world, in 1512, organized by a group of young men who asked the Government to abolish some laws against them. And when the Medici came back, they did it.

Our tour starts from their district, where there are  San Lorenzo church, their palace and the Medici Chapels. After

 the Cathedral square and the Signoria square..

Many members of the Medici family were gay or bisexual, and, among their business, we also find the management of brothels.

The walking tour lasts 2 hours.

If you wish, we can add the interior visit of the Medici Chapels. In this case, we have to add 1 more hour.

hours: 2:00


Sensuality and Innocence in Donatello's David

This is a private visit of the most remarkable sections of the Bargello Museum, the house of unique Renaissance masterpieces, such as the Bacchus by Michelangelo, the two trial bronze panels made by Brunelleschi and Ghiberti, in 1401, about whom we will talk during the time we spend inside the building.
By the way , don't expect the classic tour of the main rooms to see the usual famous statues, as my aim is to give you a different idea of the visual concept expressed by the first Renaissance sculptor, Donatello, through some masterpieces, like his homoerotic David and Athys.
As this museum is also the seat of some sculptures made by the young Michelangelo, we have the chance to see how the Florentine master represented both the religious and mythological elements in some manufacts.

hours: 1:30


The Best of Michelangelo

Accademia Gallery and Medici chapels: to enjoy the Florentine masterpieces by the "maestro" Michelangelo. During this tour, we talk about the interior and sexual dicotomy of the artist, trying to better understand his idea of sculpture and also  the true meaning of his statues, such as the "Slaves" or the Dawn.

hours 2.30

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